Harry’s Headband: H.earsbands

harry 17 mnths 2012
Harry’s headband has been created to make life easier when a young child or baby is implanted with Cochlear Implants. It has been designed to keep Bi-lateral implants in place  through all the activity a baby and toddler undertake.It can be adapted for a single implant.

The headband holds the speech processor and the magnetic coil in place. The processor sits in a neat pocket on each side of the headband and the cable is held in place through a button hole. This ensures that if the processor were ever to fall out it would still be attached to the headband via the cord and never be lost.

A great solution for young children that is comfortable and easy for all carers to put on. Your child will have no trouble wearing their CI’s all day and you won’t be worried about how they stay on.

If you are interested in purchasing the headband it is now available through HarrysEars Shop on ETSY.COM


processor in place with cable and magnet

processor in place with cable and magnet


Hears INFO sheet







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