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Taralye, the oral language centre for deaf children is Victoria’s leading oral language centre, providing services to deaf and hearing impaired children and their families. Taralye is a leader in the design of early intervention services for children who are deaf.  Services are aimed at developing children’s listening and speech and language skills. Programs are based on a family-centred approach and aim to maximize social and educational outcomes for children who are deaf.  Address:  137 Blackburn Rd  Blackburn VIC 3130   Phone (03) 9877 1300

First Voice is the national voice for member organisations whose primary focus is the provision of listening and spoken language therapy services in Australia and New Zealand. First Voice champions the right of all deaf people to listen and speak.First voices centres
Hear and Say Centre, Queensland,   Taralye, Victoria,  Telethon Speech and Hearing, Western Australia
The Cora Barclay Centre, South Australia,  The Shepherd Centre, New South Wales and Australian Capital Territory,  The Hearing House, New Zealand     Early Education Program Melbourne

Early Education Program ( East Brighton, Melbourne): a Disability Services & Support Organisation for hearing impaired children “I look so I can hear”
This blog is UK-based and covers life in London with a hearing loss. It has an incredible amount of information that is technical and practical. “Life is Bliss”
A personal blog written by the parents of Lily Bliss who is now 5 yrs old. A heartwarming journey . “Alice’s Ears”
A personal Blog by a father of a little girl in the Uk with Auditory Neuropathy Spectrum Disorder (ANSD)
Listening simulations of multi channel cochlear implants from the Cochlear Implant laboratory at UT Dallas, USA
General information and short video on how the Cochlear Implant works

2 responses to “Useful Links

  1. Prue Kellahan

    Hello….I would love to purchase your amazing CI headbands. My son has just had bilateral CI (he is 7 months old) and I simply can’t keep them on!! Would it be possible to email me if I am able to purchase some. By the way your blog is amazing xx

    • Thanks Prue
      The headbands are ready to sell. I am selling them via the Blog for the moment but hopefully will have a site dedicated to them up soon. Available in pink or blue. I’ll post photos next week

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