Meet Harry


Our eight year old daughter Tess says she wished upon a star one night in 2010 for a baby brother and we got Harry.

Harry Gabriel Feller was born in Melbourne on 03/06/2011 at 03:11am.

Harry has two older sisters, Tess 8 yrs and Alice 5yrs.  Both girls have perfect hearing and as far as we are aware Harry’s hearing loss is just “one of those things”.   His hearing loss was picked up at the neonatal screening for hearing which is now compulsory in all Australian hospitals.  He failed the test twice and we were referred to an Audiologist at the University of Melbourne Ear and Eye Hospital Audiology Dept.

By the time Harry was 10 days old we knew he could not hear.
Without any aids he can only hear 90 decibels of sound, pretty much all else would be silent to him.  Imagine a jack hammer sound, Harry would hear that if it was 5 metres away but he would hear the same sound normal hearing people would hear if it were a couple of kilometres away.

Dan says that when he does hear, he’ll ask us to take the things off so he can’t hear his sisters arguing all the bloody time soon, like that Greek fella in Captain Corelli’s Mandolin

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  1. Great blog I enjoyed readding

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