Hearforyou- July 29th 2012 TV coverage

Olivia Andersen

“Hearing for the first time”

Dr John D’Arcy presents the feel-good story of the year as The ‘Sunday Night’ program explores the incredible experience of hearing for the first time through the personal stories of three cochlear implant recipients.

The ‘Sunday Night’ program highlights the stories of Sarah Churman from Texas, Stephen Heskibo from Solomon Islands and Olivia Andersen from NSW.

Sarah Churman’s YouTube video of the moment her Esteem implant was switched on for the first time has gone viral worldwide, amassing over 13 million views to date. Twenty-five year old nursing student Stephen Heskibo was brought to Australia from the Solomon Islands by an AusAID volunteer in 2011 to receive a fully funded cochlear implant. The story includes an interview with Olivia about her own amazing experiences of setting up the Hear For You mentoring program and hearing her baby daughter for the first time with a cochlear implant.

The program will also feature an interview with Professor Graeme Clark, the pioneer of the cochlear implant, who has worked tirelessly over many years to find a way to help profoundly deaf people hear. Thanks to Professor Clark’s dedication, today over 80,000 severely or profoundly deaf children and adults have received a cochlear implant.

Please share the details of the program with your friends, family and members of the deaf community, and let us know what you think of the program on Facebook and Twitter too!



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