Operation Day Arrives

Harry was required at the Mercy Hospital in East Melbourne at 11am today for the operation to put in the Cochlear Implants. His surgeon is Prof. Robert Briggs and the anaesthetist Robert McDougall. We couldn’t have asked for a better team.

Professor Robert Briggs was our surgeon all the way through the process who has made the whole journey so much easier.  All of Rob’s colleagues are so superb.  One word of advice, don’t use the hand sanitiser leaving the Clinic, it’s terrible green stuff, take your own!!

The operation was to take around 4 hours. What we will mostly remember about the day was the immense amount of waiting around and how Harry took it all in his stride.  Dan saw it as an opportunity to get some superb Vietnamese Food in Victoria Street so every cloud…..

On the subject of food, Harry was required to fast from 7 am in the morning ready for the operation. I had big plans to wake him at 4am then again at 7 and give him hearty feeds. He woke himself at 4 and then we both slept through to 7:30am. A mad rush to shovel breakfast down his throat then took place … He ate less than normal but at least it was something solid.

We then had to focus on our normal morning routine of filling two lunch boxes with playlunch, fruit break, brain food and of course lunch.  Brush two heads of hair, pack two school bags and keep Harry from requesting some toast to finish off breakfast.

Finally it was time to take him to the hospital…

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