Ripping off the Band Aids

Today we drove into the Cochlear Implant Clinic to have Harry’s band aids removed.  In the blur that was the post op consultation in the hospital, Mr Briggs must have told me that the stitches would dissolve but for some reason we were under the impression that we were trekking into the City today to have stitches removed.

I think telling everyone that having the stitches removed was the next step for Harry sounded more monumental than simply ripping off the band aids (gently of course!!)

So onwards to Switch On Day – there is nothing standing in our way now towards ‘HHH’.

Next step is Harry hearing us speak… This will happen on 15th March which is Dan’s 41st birthday, this has to be a first of sorts…..  Anyway, in the search for original presents, he’s got 2012 nailed!!

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