Baa baa black sheep


The last two weeks I have managed to successfully concentrate on Harry’s development both physical and speech.

It has been such a pleasure not to spend my day obsessing about magnets . They do still get knocked off in the pram and he doesn’t wear them in the car unless he has one of the girls sitting with him, but overall we have overcome enough of the headgear hurdles to enjoy everyday life with Harry as a normal 11 mnth old baby.

There is a quiet time in our day when the girls are at school and he has woken from his morning sleep. He sits patiently in his high chair waiting for a
lunch fitting of a Feller – ratatouille and pasta or sautéed spinach, mushroom and leek with pasta.

He has a wooden puzzle with 6 assorted animals on it and we sit together going through the sounds each animal makes. I have been told to concentrate on 2 animals at a time with different sounds. For example Baaa – a long sound with arrr and woof woof – a short repeated sound.
I discovered if I place my face very close to his and over exaggerate my mouth movements he stops what he is doing and follows my mouth movements with amazing concentration. Next he attempts to copy my sound. Considering he is only 8 weeks into hearing I am blown away by this progress and according to the Speechies if he makes the sound more than once in context we can record it as his first “words”….

So what might these be I hear you ask? My money is on Baa for sheep and Brmm Brmm for his car toy steering wheel. It is now completely obvious to me that boys are genetically wired to be obsessed with cars and trucks. As for the sheep , there are no New Zealand genes in our family so it will remain unexplained.

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  1. I’d guess it might be MOO 😀

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