Dragonflies and crocodiles



We have just got back from some
Quality time away. The town of Dragonflies and crocodiles . Sunsets and Barramundi .

We were hanging out in Darwin with Harry’s new cousin Pearl who was born 8 weeks ago. It was just Harry and I on vacation and I couldn’t have a better traveling companion.
Following in the footsteps of eldest sister Tess Harry fell asleep on the plane just before take off. For 2 hours he slept and then spent the remainder of the flight playing open the window shutter , close the window shutter. A tad boring for me and my arm, but it passed the time adequately .

A change of temperature from chilly Melbourne 10 degrees to a gorgeous 29 degrees , has meant I have had to disband the bonnets and rely on tape to keep the magnets on. It seems he is more tolerant with age although I cringe everytime I have to pull off the tape as I feel his pain when the hairs are ripped from his head with the tape before each sleep.

With time to focus on just Harry he seems to have made a mountain of progress on this trip.

Small things like a new floor surface to crawl on that is less slippery, a great dog to chase around the room and a retro 60’s sofa with cushions in a perfect wedge for climbing have brought Harry’s physical development on leaps and bounds.

We also had time to listen to new environmental sounds . Listen to the chorus of birds in the morning . Listen to the rumble of a real 4WD. Listen to a didgeridoo at the local markets. Listen to the sound of an ice cold beer being gulped down by mum whilst he eat dinner.

It was a fab trip and a joy to slow down our hectic pace of a family of 5 to just focus on Harry at his pace.


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2 responses to “Dragonflies and crocodiles

  1. Carrie

    So glad you had fun. And thrilled to hear of Harry’s progress. Cxx

  2. Sue Rubin

    I’m so glad that the two of you were able to have a break and that he is progressing so well….could you shave where the sticky tape goes in the summer?love and kisses

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