Swimming for kids with cochlear implants

using the aqua accessory

using the aqua accessory

IMG_0160I am sure many of you wonder whether swimming can be on the agenda for Harry at this stage.
Not only does he wear electrical equipment ON his head but he also has grommets inside his inner ear. Neither of these make it impossible for him to swim but they are certainly huge deterrents .



http://bit.ly/1evLPJLnucleus5 new aqua accessory to launch



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One response to “Swimming for kids with cochlear implants

  1. Michelle McLeod

    Dear Holly,

    Thank you so much for your website and blogs. They are so helpful.

    My 11 month old son Jacob has his switch on day this Thursday coming. We are so excited.

    I¹m not sure if I should have googled ³CI Sound Simulations² prior to this day because it has left me feeling like I need to have a big cry! I was really disappointed at how mechanical the simulations sounded.

    Do you have any information on this or links to simulations that have been approved or suggested by experts you¹ve encountered along your journey? Perhaps the ones I listened to were not the best indicators.

    Thank you, Michelle

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