Mapping sessions

The implants have been placed successfully within Harry’s head (and ears) so the next stage is for the Cochlear Implant Clinic ‘s audiologists to start programming the processor that feeds the information to the auditory nerve and then the brain . These are referred to as “mapping sessions” and Harry will have 12 weeks of mapping and observations as part of his intervention.  Mapping is the name given to the process of measuring the amount of electrical current delivered to the cochlear by the implant.  It is the process that ensures the patient receives comfortable sound levels.  So our countdown to “switch on” (or ‘HHH’ as Dan and the girls call it, ‘Harry Hearing Hour’) next Thursday is the day that the audiologists will start to set his sound threshold levels  and comfort levels.  They will also hand over to us two James Bond gadget style huge suitcases full of the external part to the cochlear implant.

Check out the diagram on Cochlear’s website that shows you all the parts.  There is a good video here too

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  1. viki bailey

    wow hol this is wonderful. i do not know how you put all this together with so much going on. Now i feel as though i have some insight into what you are all going through and cant even think how excited and nervous you must be for HHH. You feel so much closer. Thank you and love you all vik xxx

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