Hear now . And always

Hear now…..and always is the Cochlear tag line.

As you know there was big build up for Switch On today or HHH as Dan called it.  The girls took the day off school; all of the school community was wishing him luck in anticipation as well as all our friends and family.

Yet again, a wise mother I had met at the Early Education Service, (www.eep.org.au our local early intervention support service) had advised me that the Clinic works slowly on the sound levels to ensure the babies don’t get freaked out by their first sounds. Thus it can take up to 3 sessions of mapping before you get a result like the one everyone has viewed on YouTube (www.youtube.com/watch?v=ZDD7Ohs5tAk)

 Check out our video ( it is password protected so please insert the password Harry2011)


Harry’s Switch On- 15 March 2012 from Hollie Feller on Vimeo.

The Audiologist Rod is trying to explain that the first round of information he is loading into the processor is designed to get electrical current running through the electrodes in order to start stimulating the auditory nerves. His job  today was to get enough current  sent to the cochlea to start this process through 4 channels , each set with increasing Comfort Levels of sound.  

Harry will start on program 1 tomorrow and is required to move through to program 4 by next week when we are back again to set up 4 new levels.

You have to also laugh at Alice telling on her sister Tess in the middle of the moment we have been waiting 9 months for… Princess Perfect she calls herself ( now we know why!)

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