The instruction manuals



Day 2 was definitely a roller coaster.

After Harry’s first feed of the day I realised that we had neglected to unpack the suitcases and set up all the charging devices.
The implant processor comes with 3 types of battery.
A non rechargeable sort that takes zinc air batteries like a watch, a small rechargeable battery which has 12 hours of normal use, and the large battery which can power the unit for up to 24hrs of ongoing usage.

As Harry is still so young and spends a good chunk of his day sleeping, we only need the smallest one at the moment. The battery is probably the heaviest part of the unit to wear and it helps having only a small battery at this stage.

The remote control unit also has to be charged. This remote is an alarm that lets me know if the magnets have detached themselves from his head…more on that later.
It also allows me to adjust the programs, which in a way is his volume.  Today we did our usual round of swimming lessons for the girls. In the swimming centre watching Alice have her lesson I noticed a huge echo and not any sound absorption, so I dropped down to program 1 to stop him from being freaked out by the sound. It is constant observation.

Observation is a going to be our middle name for the next 12 weeks… Check out the photo – this is the contents of one of the suitcases we brought home, so in effect the accessories for one ear.  Suffice to say we marched straight into the local hardware store for a multi plug thingy.

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March 16, 2012 · 7:02 am

One response to “The instruction manuals

  1. Carrie

    oh my word…that looks pretty daunting!

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