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Something has been on mind this week.

WordPress Blogs have a feature that allows you to see where your readers are coming from as well as how many people are reading your blog.

You can become quite obsessed with these stats and try and imagine who your followers might be.

I am curious as the post that gets the most traffic in our Blog is the one called ” Bionic Seven”, referencing a cartoon and a character with powers related to magnetic fields . This at the time was relevant as I spent most of my day placing Harry’s magnets back on his head as we had not managed to get ones that were strong enough.

So I am wondering Readers what it is about this post that is drawing you into my blog and I am inviting you to send me comments and let me know.

Curious as to whether it is related to the image of Harry’s headband that holds his Cochlear processors in place on his head or just that I wrote about something that is of general interest……..

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One response to “Blog traffic

  1. Ricalton Jones

    Hi, my daughter is 8 months old and has bilateral ci’s. We put ours on lots less now, but reading your struggle makes me feel less alone in this battle with my bionic baby. Funny how much that term is both painful in its truth and alternatively Funny and almost a throw away term.

    Listening is learning, persevere! Thanks for your blog and no matter the reason your Harry is just as wonderfully made as the no bionic versions.

    Moir jones (Dubbo Australia)

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