Some new words

Did you think it was about time Harry uttered some more words?

I don’t actually think “uttering” is actually in Harry’s vocabulary, as the volume level he is inclined to share with us is nothing short of loud.

It could be that he is learning by example from his sisters and their daily screeching; at me, at each other or my screeching at them the non- stop orders about bags, hair, teeth, homework and picking up wet towels from the floor. There is no doubt the sound experience of a 3rd child is primarily made-up of a barrage of commands and the click of car seat and pram buckles.

Amidst all this Harry has managed to piece together the sounds of 2 more words in the last week to 10 days. As I mentioned in earlier posts we need to hear him say the words in context more than once to ensure it is not a fluke or wishful thinking.  But for sure there is an element of intereptation in deciphering these words.

Have a guess at what you think it they might be….  I’ve only been able to record one of them so far.  As soon as technology  allows me to upload it please check out “Meet Harry” on the Blog menu and go to Harry 16 mnths.

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