From listening to speech

It is now Week 30 since Harry’s Switch On date back in March.  We had 4 weeks in there without sound while he was sick but I am not sure if that is counted.

Back at Week 15 we had clocked up the following words that Harry repeated and recognised as linked to an object:

  1. Mumm- mummy
  2. Baa- sheep
  3. Moo- cow
  4. shh- for baby sleeping

 Now at Week 30 we can add unprompted “words”

  1. EE- ii -ee-ii -oo
  2. Brmm- aRR  for car
  3. Up
  4. Banana
  5. Ali- ce ( we are not quite sure  if it is Ali or Alice but time will tell)

The two most recent are banana and Alice, but Dan is doubtful that he has mastered banana based on my video.  One thing is for sure, he says, Harry won’t be voted in as the spokesman for the Queensland Banana Growers Association. Not just yet.

This list is not exhaustive. There are heaps more words he recognises but doesn’t speak.  He has started to incorporate Auslan signs and general pointing gestures to communicate them to us so I don’t think it will be long before he starts to vocalise the words as well.   I apologise for no video, I really need to find a new and better way to upload them.  

Today we had another mapping session at the CIC . Here they were testing his tolerance levels to loud sounds to see if he could be put back up to the levels he had prior to being sick.  We are now just above those levels which is really encouraging and there is no doubt his sickness has not set his development back at all.

I chatted to the Audiologists at the Clinic today about last weeks 30th Anniversary of the first commercial cochlear Implant operation. I love the old photos Cochlear has posted on their website to mark this occasion.  ( check out )

It is a visual timeline of the Cochlear Implant History and the part Graeme Clark played in bringing this amazing technology to everyday people. We now have a date to meet Graeme Clark next month and we are beyond excited. Every day we think about what Harry’s life would have been like without sound and how lucky we are to live in this Age.

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