A little Hearing Loss is a big thing ( taken From Tina Childress’s Blog)

I mentioned Tina Childress’s Blog last post as I just recently stumbled upon it. Tina is  a late deafened adult with a cochlear implant who now ,as a consultant/ trainer, travels throughout the State of Illinois talking to anybody and everybody about issues related to hearing loss and its effect on children.

If you are gathering information to make a decision as to whether to have CI’s for your child this is a great place for easy to understand info and this post has some great presentations she made on the subject, especially the presentation on A Little Hearing Loss is a Big Thing. Please check it out…


See Hear Communication Matters


For the past three days, I have had the pleasure of presenting at Opening Minds: The Chicago Early Education, Child Care and School-Age Conference

My audience consisted of people like day care providers, nurses, early education teachers, regular education teachers, special education teachers and even one grandparent.    They kept me plenty busy with two workshops a day over the three days for a total of six.   Here’s what my schedule looked like:


I love all three topics that I got to talk about…sign language, cochlear implants and the impact of hearing loss.   I think, though, that I had the most fun with the sign language classes…I haven’t taught sign language to that many people at one time since my grad school days when I taught the manual communications class.   I felt like a master puppeteer!   Raise my hands, furrow my eyebrows, stick out my tongue and my class stuck with…

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