Bionic Band


It’s all in the name…
What should I call the headbands?
Should I reference ears, or hearing or fashion?
For sure, “Bionic” will be Trademarked by the Institute, so the whole family sat around the table tonight reeling off various versions of Harry’s Ears and trying to come up with a cool name for the headband.
Maybe we don’t need a name , as
my all time goal is to get Cochlear Ltd to include the headband in the suitcase of accessories
you get when your child receives their implant(s).

Wouldn’t that be awesome as it is all very well being supplied pens with screwdrivers on one end and a million processor covers , but what about an accessory that keeps them on a head that is only 50 cms in circumference ?

So, Folks, I really hope some of you guys all over the world tuning in to my tales will also buy up big on the Bionic Headband. My next step will be to set up shop(online of course ).

And the big news , based on your feedback, i have pleaded to get the price down to $18 AUD . I will be making hot pink for girls and electric blue for boys.

So stay tuned for more details



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18 responses to “Bionic Band

  1. Cynthia Skarsholt



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  2. Maddy Rayner

    Well done and good luck with it all xx

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  3. I think you should make a neutral colour option as well.

    • Good idea but so far donations of fabric have only been the blue and pink to get us started.
      The colour options are awesome but I have to commit to 5m of fabric per colour to buy and that makes 10 bands. Once I get the shop up and running I will start to offer colour options with a min order quantity per colour. Fingers crossed

  4. Rita Corbett

    Hi Hollie,
    Glad to hear that the headbands will soon be available. The pink looks great. Well done re getting the price down. Let me know when you need an order. Kind regards, Rita Corbett

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