Sewing is child’s play…

Sewing is child's play...

Folks, I am ready to sell Harry’s headbands online.
It has not been an easy task to find someone to make them commercially so other kids can benefit from this great design .
Before I press the button, please let me know if you would pay $25 for one ( plus Postage for delivery) .
I wish we could give them to you at no cost but this is the best I can do to start .

Please send your feedback as I plan to start production this month


April 9, 2013 · 10:43 pm

3 responses to “Sewing is child’s play…

  1. mimisardine

    Sew cool!

  2. Izzie bedwell

    Hi I wanted to ask if you are willing to post a headband to me in the uk? I posted on the fb cochlear implant group the other day about my daughter Eva just being switched on and you mentioned this blog. Can’t find anyone in the uk that makes these!

    Any help would be fab


    Izzie x

    • Hi izzie
      I would love to send one to you. I can post one to you tomorrow. It will take about a week to 10 days to arrive. I have had hot pink or electric blue made up- which would you prefer?
      I really hope it helps your daughter- I found putting a normal headband on Harry before I started with the CI band helped Harry get used to the idea.
      Have you connected with the cochlearhelp website.
      It is an amazing resource tool- I have found it invaluable and they always have updates on the new technology which I find fascinating.
      Otherwise I am more than happy to chat to you via email if you have any other questions.
      Please send me your address etc to
      Best wishes

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